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It is Christmas Time Again!!

Hello everyone. Firstly, can I wish all at DadsHouse and everyone associated (your children included) a Very Happy Christmas and New Year!!

I have given this blog some thought and have kept coming back to the fact that I don’t want to make it too negative or sad given that Christmas is almost here.

I have therefore decided upon just a few tips for trying to ensure that Christmas is both fun and not too stressful:

  1. Be kind to yourself: You are human too and if anything like me a little tired building up to Christmas. Therefore allow yourself a little slack.
  2. Try to look forwards: It is easy to fall into reminiscing at this time of year, this is OK, but perhaps not if the past contains a high level of pain and sorrow. The future always has the potential to be bright!
  3. Spend some good times together as a family: You all deserve this and it is the best present for all of us. It doesn’t cost and generates memories that will never go.
  4. Try to accept support from family and friends: This isn’t failing and may well make their Christmas much happier too. We all need support sometimes.
  5. Try to remember you are not alone: Being a single father can be a lonely path, but none of us are totally alone and there are always others going through something similar. Try to remember this when things feel difficult.
Finally, do contact DadsHouse as help can be on hand!!

Thank you for reading and once again a Very Happy Christmas to you all!!


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